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Sable Pied

Sable Pied

Sable pieds are very beautiful, and, like all pieds, they are very unique in their patterning. But, in addition, they are unique because of the coloring of the darker patches on their white background. Whereas fawn pieds have fairly uniform fawn-colored patches and brindle pieds have fairly uniform black patches with some brindling, sable pieds have sable-colored patches – which means that their patches have a fawn base (running from a light tan to a dark reddish fawn color) with black tipped hairs and black hairs mixed in. Some of these sable patches can be quite distinctive in coloration from other patches on the same Frenchie. These truly are very unique and very beautiful dogs. Apollo and Corona produce a wonderful litter of 5 pieds, two of which are sable pied females, which you can see starting at the 4:10 mark.


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