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Lilac Sable

Lilac Sable

Cruz and Buttercup had this litter of 5 gorgeous puppies back in 1019. Buttercup is a lilac fawn and Cruz is a blue & tan, but he carries chocolate, so they can produce lilacs (double blue & double chocolate). We knew that one of the boys is a lilac & tan, due to his lighter coloring, but we thought both fawns were blue fawns, although we couldn't verify because at that time there was no DNA test for chocolate/coco. It turns out that Ella, who Lacey called a blue fawn in this video, is actually a lilac, and she could be called a dark lilac fawn or a light lilac sable. Since she is darker than the other lilac fawns we have had, we will call her a lilac sable. Now we can DNA test for any puppies that we are unsure of. Since blue fawns, chocolate fawns, and lilac fawns can all be very similar in color throughout the color range, and since their eye color does not come out until they are several months old, we often have to DNA test puppies that could be any of these three.

Lilac sable Everlee

Lilac sable Ella's last litter with Shazam produced a darling lilac sable girl named Everlee who is very much her mom, Ella. We are holding her back and we expect some very nice puppies from her.


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