Kiss-a-bull, hug-a-bull, love-a-bull, unbelieve-a-bull!

Kiss-a-bull, hug-a-bull, love-a-bull, unbelieve-a-bull!

Breaking News:

We have recently posted the introductory videos of Maddie’s, Tessa’s, and Sweets’s litters.

Tessa & Sawyer, along with Sylvie & Tanner, are also passing out cigars today [7/7/18]. We will be introducing their large litters of beautiful puppies in about 3 weeks.

For the past several months we have been evaluating a new dog food which was introduced to us by a breeder friend of ours, and we are now ready to recommend it to our valued clients and others visiting our site.  It is called PawTree and you can read all about it on our website under Great Products.  We (and our puppies and dogs) REALLY like this dog food and the other products we have tried, including the special seasonings.  If you are not totally happy with what you are using now you might want to give PawTree a try; your companion will love you for it.  And, if you adopt a puppy from us, this is the food they will have been on.

As a reminder to each of our Waiting List clients who have passed on prior puppies, when you are ready for your puppy and you see a puppy or puppies in a litter introduction video (generally taken at 2 to 3 weeks) in which you have an interest, be sure to let us know right away and we will try to reserve one for you. We start the official selection process after the 6 to 7 week videos are posted.

*****Note: Watch out for scammers, as they are all too prevalent. For helpful tips, please read what we have written under “Beware of Scams”.*****


Introduction: We are Donna and Lacey, a mother/daughter team who (along with a lot of help from our husbands) breed high-quality Frenchies in northern Utah (including brindles, fawns, red fawns, sables, creams, chocolate brindles, blues fawns, blue sables, blue brindles, and pieds in each of these beautiful colors, along with the extraordinarily rare pure blacks, pure blues, black & tans, and blue & tans) for the love and enjoyment of this wonderful breed. Recently, our two sons/brothers, who are both experienced breeders of English and Old English Bulldogs (along with their families), have started to work with us in breeding high quality BlueHaven French Bulldog puppies.


We have all owned dogs virtually all of our lives  –  lots of dogs, and about every kind of dog breed you can name.   Although we have had a few litters of puppies in the past from some of our other dogs, we never seriously thought about breeding dogs until we became familiar with and obtained our first wonderful little French Bulldog, Bryn  –  the first of many.

We love these little dogs so much, and find the Frenchie puppies so fascinating and adorable, that we decided we wanted to breed them seriously so that we can help others enjoy them as much as we do,  and improve the breed in the process.

We have tried to make this website user friendly, interesting, and informative, and we hope you find it so.    We have included a lot of our own observations and experiences, as well as research we have done on the French Bulldog.

What we have experienced is that while there are breed standards for body structure, size, color, and temperament for the French Bulldog, there is sufficient leeway to allow interesting variations from Frenchie to Frenchie, and we’re confident there is one just for you.   While each Frenchie is an individual with his or her own peculiarities, our experience is that they all love all people (and other animals), they are very smart and learn easily, they try very hard to please, and they make wonderful companions for virtually any family situation.

We would be very interested in hearing your feedback on our website as we are always trying to improve it.   If you love Frenchies as much as we do, or think you might with what you now know, we would love to communicate with you.

If you are in the market for one of these little bundles of joy, please consider us as your source for a high quality French Bulldog puppy (and occasionally an older retired French Bulldog).  Our objective is to make you a very satisfied customer; and with your new Frenchie puppy we will provide you with a vet check letter, a sales contract with our health guarantee, at least a 3-generation pedigree for both parents, and AKC registration paperwork, along with a few other things to help make your puppy adoption a smooth and enjoyable process.

We regularly have new litters of adorable Frenchie puppies which we post on this website. Virtually all of our puppies are placed with clients on our waiting list, so if you are looking for a high quality Frenchie puppy and have some timing flexibility please contact us and we will send information which will help you determine if we might be the breeder for you. If you are not in too big a hurry, we will help you adopt the Frenchie of your dreams.

Thanks and enjoy,

Donna and Lacey
best FBD site 2015


We are honored to have been named one of the Best French Bulldog Breeders in North America by PawedIn http://pawedin.com!

Here is a link to the article: https://blog.pawedin.com/dogs/best-french-bulldog-breeders/