Meet Our Frenchies


We love all of our beautiful Frenchies, as much for the fact that they are all individuals as anything.    While all of our French Bulldogs conform well to the breed standard, as published by the AKC, there is sufficient latitude for coloration, temperament, and body structure to allow for some very interesting and enjoyable differences.

Just like people, some of our Frenchies are very laid back, while others are always on the go.   Some like nothing better than to find a comfy place to take a snooze, while others are always looking for a buddy to play with.   Some are rather shy at first, while others never met a person or thing they didn’t immediately like.    Some want to sit in your lap and be petted, while others prefer to receive a few strokes and then be about their business.

They are all different, but they are all wonderful.   And, they all love people and make fantastic companions.   We are confident that you will love your new Frenchie just as much as we love ours.   He or she will make your life so much more entertaining and enjoyable.