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We created this drop-down to highlight companies and products we use that we believe offer special value and convenience for our clients, as well as for other visitors to our website. We highly recommend each of these products and if you decide to use one or more of them, please let us know of your experiences – positive or negative.

Because of the special nature of pet insurance, we have created a drop-down exclusively for this product which may be of interest and great value to some of our clients and visitors to our website.

PawTree Dog Food

You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and neither do your pets!

We are often asked, “What do you recommend that I feed my puppy and what should I use when he/she is older?” The truth is that there are a lot of good dry dog foods out there for puppies and for adult dogs, and your Frenchie will grow and be relatively healthy and happy on most of them, but there are definitely differences among them. We have been breeding Frenchies for many years and in that time we have had the opportunity to use and evaluate several different brands and formulas. Until recently we had been using Royal Canin Mini-Starter for our puppies and moms, and it is a good dog food in may ways, but we are always on the lookout for something better. We have learned from experience with our Frenchies that they do best overall with a diet free of corn, wheat, and/or soy, and, unfortunately, Royal Canin does contain corn and wheat. Of course, puppies and adults also need a high level of proteins, fats, fiber, chelated minerals, and all of the other necessary vitamins and nutrients.

NuVet Plus Health Supplements

NuVet Plus can help prolong the life of your dog and cat and can help eliminate more ailements GUARANTEED!

• Allergies
• Skin and Coat Problems
• Scratching, Itching, Biting
• Hot Spots
• Arthritis and Joint Problems
• Premature Aging
• Low Energy Levels
• Diabetes and Liver Problems
• Cataracts and Tumors
• Digestive Problems
• Tearing
• Heart Disease

Guys, please read the following information. We could not recommend NuVet supplements any more highly to our valued clients or to others reading this link, and we would encourage each of you to give it a try. We have proven to ourselves that this is a great product, and isn’t it worth a few dollars a month to insure that your cherished companion maintains the best of health? Some breeders even make their guarantee contingent upon the use of NuVet. While we do not have this requirement, we strongly recommend that our clients use this supplement with their BlueHaven puppy to help insure a long and healthy life.

Potty Training Puppy Apartment

by Modern Puppies


We have detailed this product more extensively under “New Owner FAQs” on the question “What is the best way to Potty-train / Kennel-train my Frenchie puppy”. We believe this is a great product that will enhance your ability to potty train your puppy with minimal mess and bother and in a reduced time period, while providing the kennel that you will need anyway.

Potty Training Puppy Apartment
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