We are also very proud of our female Frenchies. We have worked hard on acquiring a good variety of females that each represent the French Bulldog breed well. Although there are certainly differences in personalities among them, they all have very pleasant dispositions and love to be around people and their canine buddies. Each one of them loves to spend time indoors with the family, especially the kids, and they are very well behaved.

Our intent is to limit each of our females to an average of three litters and then retire them at a relatively young age so that they can live out the rest of their lives as queens of the castle. We will replace them with very carefully selected female puppies from some of our litters and occasionally from other quality breeders.

There will be opportunities to adopt most of our females (and sometimes males) for very reasonable prices in the future. Retirees will be announced on the New Puppies drop-downs for the respective litters and their pictures/videos will be posted on Our Frenchies > Mothers With Puppies or Available Retirees drop-down. We are not able to send our retirees by air due to current airline restrictions so if you would like to adopt one of our retirees you must plan on driving to our northern Utah home to meet her/him or make other ground transportation plans (which can be very expensive).

We will maintain a first come – first served policy on our retirees, except that we will give preference to past puppy clients when placing retirees, so if you are a past puppy client and are able to arrange transportation and have a favorite Frenchie you would like to consider adopting sometime in the future, just let us know.