If you are looking for high-quality French Bulldog puppies, we would love to hear from You!

Please contact Bick (435-770-5708) by phone or text, or you can e-mail us at bluehavenfrenchbulldogs@gmail.com. We love our Frenchies and enjoy communicating with people who share the same passion.  We have been breeding these wonderful dogs for well over a decade, and we like to think that responsible breeders, such as we, have been in part responsible for the tremendous increase in popularity of French Bulldog over the past decade.  In 2022 the Frenchie even replaced the Labrador Retriever as the most popular breed in the U.S., a spot which it had held for decades.

We are located between Tremonton and Bear River City, Utah, just northwest of Brigham City.  We love to have our clients visit us in person and pick-up their fur babies.  Since we know that is not practical for many of our clients, we are able to facilitate delivery of our puppies with responsible puppy nannies, either by air or vehicle.  We are about 65 minutes north of the Salt Lake City International Airport. If you fly in to meet your puppy, we will meet you at the airport.  If your puppy is to be delivered by one of our puppy nannies, this is the airport they will use, and they are all very experienced in transporting these sweet puppies in the cabin of the plane.  We can also generally arrange for surface transportation for clients within a day’s drive, for comparable prices.

We produce all of the gorgeous Frenchie colors, from the standard black brindle Frenchies to the stunning lilac & tan Frenchies, and everything in between.  We don’t post prices on our website, but we will be happy to send you an information letter, which should answer most of your questions regarding adopting a Frenchie puppy from us, including pricing, which is very competitive for high-quality French Bulldogs (which are sometimes called a French Bully).

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Bear River City near Brigham City
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SLC International Airport

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Are you wanting a French Bulldog puppy?  These days, who isn’t, as they have become the most popular breed in the U.S., and for very good reasons.  The downside is that this has brought in a lot of unscrupulous breeders and “backyard” breeders, as well as a plethora of scammers.  

We have been responsibly breeding the French Bulldog for over a decade, and we would love the opportunity to work with you. Please take a minute to fill out the form, and we will send you a copy of our information letter, which should answer most of your questions regarding adopting a puppy from us, including pricing.  We are also happy to answer any additional questions you may have or provide additional information that you desire.

Meanwhile, please read a few of our testimonials to get a better idea of the quality of our dogs and how we conduct our business.


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