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  Older Retired French Bulldog for Sale (Older Retired Frenchie for Sale)

We know that some of you are surprised by the relatively high cost of well-bred French Bulldog puppies.  There are a number of very good reasons for this, which we review on Prospective Owner FAQs, which is on a drop-down under Owner Info.  We know how adorable and loving Frenchie puppies are, and how enjoyable it is to watch them grow and develop, bond with the family, and become beloved family members.  However, for some family situations, an older Frenchie is a better all-around alternative, and they are available for a fraction of the cost of a Frenchie puppy.  

All of our retirees will forever hold special places in our hearts, and we continue their legacies at BlueHaven by holding back puppies from each of our strong lines. A high priority for us is to place our retirees into loving pet homes with families whom we feel will be a good fit.  In addition to rapidly adapting to new family situations, and bonding quickly with their new family members, female retirees are generally priced from $500 to $1000, so they won’t break the bank.  And, since they are generally only 3 to 4 years old, they should have many great years ahead of them.

When we have retirees available, we will make a note on the video introductions of their last litters, or we will post their videos under Meet Our Frenchies > Available Retirees.  We utilize a basic first come – first served policy to place all of our retirees, unless we have made prior commitments to clients who already have one or more of our Frenchies, in which case we will indicate that these retirees have already been reserved.

If you see a retiree in which you have an interest, and she/he is shown as available, please contact us ASAP, as we will place her/him from among the first individuals that contact us. In cases when we are contacted by several individuals within the first few days that available retirees are posted, priority will be given to prior puppy clients and to clients who are able to come to pick up the retirees close to when they finish weaning their puppies or are otherwise available.

Due to airline regulations, our retirees are generally not able to fly.  For those living close enough to us to make the drive to our home near Brigham City, UT, we always love to meet our clients.  For those who do not wish to make the drive, we can generally help arrange for ground transportation for fairly reasonable rates.

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