As a reminder to each of our Waiting List clients who have passed on prior puppies, when you are ready for your puppy and you see a puppy in which you have an interest, be sure to let us know right away and we will try to reserve one for you. We start the official selection process for each litter after the vet checks have been completed and the 6 to 7 week video has been posted.

In this section, we show each of the BlueHaven litters to be placed. We introduce each litter when the puppies are at least 6 weeks of age, after they have had their Vet checkups.  We place each video under the names of the parents and date of birth. This video will help show the personalities of each of the puppies in the litter, in addition to their color, conformation, and size. To minimize confusion, we generally do not include the puppies we plan to hold back for ourselves. It is at this time we start the reservation process.

We have a waiting list procedure for our puppies, and we allow picks to be made by individuals on the Waiting List, based on their stated preferences, in the order of the dates on which our clients made their deposits. Once the puppies have been selected, we write reserved next to that puppy’s name (along with the first name/s and state of his/her new masters, unless otherwise directed) to show he/she is no longer available.

Our puppies are generally old enough and mature enough to go to their new homes starting at 9 weeks of age. Occasionally, we may want to hold a puppy a little longer.  If you live out of state and do not wish to fly into the Salt Lake City International airport or drive to our northern Utah home to pick-up your puppy, we have wonderful nannies who will drive your puppy to you, or who will fly your puppy to you in the comfort of the cabin and hand deliver him/her to you at your nearest major airport.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like more information.