BlueHaven French Bulldogs

“BlueHaven French Bulldogs” is operated by a mother/daughter team, along with our spouses, Bick and Brent, who all have a great love for the French Bulldog. Two sons and their families are also involved in the business.  Lacey is a stay-at-home mom of five (ages 8 to 20) and Donna is a stay-at-home grandmother, who, along with spouses and children/grandchildren, devote endless time and attention to our wonderful Frenchies. It is truly a family affair.

Our families have always had dogs for the love, entertainment, and companionship that they provide – Labs, Golden Retrievers, English and Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Poodles, Beagles, Dachshunds, and others – and we have loved them all, but when we were introduced to the French Bulldog we knew that this would be the last breed of dog we would ever own (except for a few hunting dogs owned by the boys :-).

With our large family, we try to ensure that each of our Frenchies get all of the love and attention he or she deserves. They are truly our canine children. All of our Frenchies are well socialized from birth by the kids and their friends, not to mention us and the guys. When our Frenchies are not inside with us, they live with one or two buddies in climate-controlled kennels with large outside play areas, so they all are well trained to use doggie doors and they get plenty of exercise and canine companionship.  Our puppies are raised inside the large mothers’ room, which is part of Lacey’s home, until the time they leave to go to their new families. They are let out to play and engage with other puppies every day.  To put it plainly, they get all the socialization they can handle and get a little spoiled in the process.

Our main focus is to breed for quality, and color is a secondary consideration.   Our goal is to improve the breed by only mating dogs that are in high conformance with the breed standard in conformation, health, and temperament. Occasionally, we will breed one of our females to an exceptional male that we do not own, but most of our puppies come from carefully selected parings of our own Frenchies.`

We can’t decide which color of French Bulldog we like the best, since we love them all: the brindles, the fawns, the sables, the creams, the various blues, and the chocolates, along with pieds in each of these colors; and we love the extremely rare and beautiful pure blacks, pure blues, pure chocolates, black & tans, blue & tans, chocolate & tans, and the lilacs (all of which are created from genes that naturally occur in the Frenchie gene pool, although some of these genes are quite rare). Because we do, and because others apparently do as well, we breed for a wide variety of French Bulldog colors and color patterns. We have observed that color and pattern is strictly an individual preference, and these have no impact on the health or wellbeing of Frenchies. Whatever your particular preference, we will eventually have a puppy to match your desires.

Check out the beautiful colors that Frenchies come in under ‘FAQs’ and you can see more examples of the different colors of puppies we have been producing under ‘Past Puppies’.

Our Puppies are Everywhere

You can pick up your puppy in Utah when it’s ready or our puppies can be flown with our carriers any time of the year once they reach approximately 9 weeks of age. We can also ship to Alaska and Canada for a little higher fee. We do not ship to Hawaii due to the extensive quarantine period required by the state, and we do not ship any of our puppies outside of the U.S. (with the exception of Canada). Take a look at our testimonials and some of the place where our puppies have gone.