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Pet Insurance?


Pet Insurance?

We are constantly asked if we recommend the purchase of pet insurance for our Frenchies, and, if so, which company we would recommend.  Because we have been asked these questions so often, we decided it was time for us to do some research and learn more about the insurance market, the pros and cons of purchasing pet insurance, and which pet insurance company or companies are highest rated.

So, for the first question: do we recommend pet insurance for our Frenchies?  The answer is that it really depends on each client – your tolerance for risk, the lengths to which you would go to preserve the life of your beloved companion, and your financial situation.

Of course, our guarantee covers death or significant disability due to a genetic or congenital defect for a year (for two years if NuVet supplements are used), but what about accidents, diseases, or illnesses which can and do occur unexpectedly in the lives of even the healthiest Frenchies, or problems that arise after the guarantee period?

Sometimes, no amount of money can preserve the life of a beloved pet (especially a high quality of life), which has suffered from one of the problems mentioned above.  However, often, with the right medical intervention, high-quality lives can be preserved, and it is always a shame if the high cost of treatment and medical care prohibit this from happening.   Even fixing a broken bone can cost several thousand dollars, and the cost to treat many other conditions can become exorbitant.

If you are independently wealthy, you can probably afford to self-insure and not worry about the potentially high cost to preserve the life of your 4-legged family member, in the event the worst scenario occurs.  However, if you are like most of us, and a high 4 or even 5 figure vet bill is something your budget cannot not handle, insurance might be worth considering.  A fairly small monthly premium can provide a lot of peace of mind, and, if the worst does happen, the life of your beloved companion(s) can potentially be saved &/or enhanced.


Now, for the second question: what company would we recommend?  Fortunately, there are a lot of good options.  Years ago, we recommended Healthy Paws, which stood out from the rest, and it is still rated fairly highly, but there are several other companies that have gained steam over the past few years, which I will list below.  Our recommendation is to review the coverages, cost, and client reviews of some, or all, of the following companies, to determine if one of them will work best for you.  Having insurance on your beloved 4-legged family member may help you sleep better at night, knowing he/she will be well cared for if some unexpected health issue arises.

Lemonade               Spot

MetLife                    Pets Best

ASPCA                     Embrace

Pumpkin                  Fetch

Healthy Paws

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