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Moochie and Summit (8/22/23)

Moochie and Summit (8/22/23)

Moochie and Summit have three darling puppies that they would like to introduce.  Micah and Mia are lilac fawns, so they will have light blue gray eyes as adults, and Maggie is a blue fawn who will have pretty brown eyes.  These puppies are older than most puppies we introduce because their development was hindered by what we believe was a virus of some kind.  It affected their agility and balance, but as you can see in the video, they are doing well now and are close to being normal.  They have all had two vet checks, and our vet found them to be healthy.  We believe they will all make great pets.  Because they are a bit delayed, we are offering them at significant discounts and with long term guarantees, over and above our standard guarantee.  To get more information on these puppies, please call or text Bick on 435-770-5708.  They are all ready to go to their forever homes whenever convenient delivery or pick up arrangements can be made.

Micah (lilac fawn male) – reserved by Chris, CT

Mia (lilac fawn female) – AVAILABLE

Maggie (blue fawn female) – AVAILABLE

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