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Blue Fawn

Blue Fawn

Blue fawn Frenchies carry a double copy of the blue (dilute gene) and a double copy of the fawn gene, and do not carry a double copy of either tan points or recessive black. Blue fawn Frenchies come in a wide variety of shades of fawn, from a light caramel to a dark red, as the base color, with bluish masks and pads and shadings of blue most visible on the back and ears. There are no two of them exactly alike, but they are all stunning, especially if you are partial to the fawn/tan coloring, which we certainly are. There are a couple of blue fawn puppies in this litter starting at the 3:00 mark.

Blue fawn

Julie and Cruz produced some of our nicest puppies, including this litter of 6, which includes 2 blue fawns. You can see them starting at the 5:55 mark.


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