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Fawn Pied

Fawn Pied

Many people just love the pieds because no two are alike – they all have their own distinct patterning. Fawn pied Frenchies are basic white and contain various numbers and patterns of fawn patches (which patches can be varying shades of fawn, even varying on the same Frenchie). Some pieds have only a few patches while others have several. Some of the patches are small (silver dollar size) making these Frenchies mostly white while others have large patches which meld into other patches making these Frenchies more fawn than white. Some of the fawn pieds have a black mask while others have lighter masks. There is a gorgeous heavy red fawn pied named Kate in this litter that you can see at the 2:35 mark.

Red fawn pied, or light red sable pied

Josie had a beautiful litter that contains a fawn pied female.  You could call her a red fawn female, or even a light red sable female, and few would argue with you.  Every pied is unique and since she has a lot of color, we would call her a heavy pied.  You can see her at the 5:20 mark.



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