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We have had some wonderful Frenchie puppies in the past, in all of the gorgeous colors: brindles and trindles (black, chocolate, blue, and lilac), fawns and sables (honey, red, chocolate, blue, and lilac), creams, pure coats and tan points (black, chocolate, blue, and lilac), and pieds is each of these colors.  In this section, we show a few puppies in each of the various colors, as we know that it can be a bit complicated.   There are still a few colors we have not produced, or for which we don’t have pictures or videos, but we will be adding those in the future.   We will continue to produce some of the best Frenchies to be found anywhere, as we continue to perfect our kennel. If you are in the market for one or more of these wonderful canine companions, please consider us. We will work very hard to ensure that your experience in obtaining your wonderful Frenchie is an enjoyable one; one that will result in many years of enjoyment for you and your family.

Please review the dropdowns on this tab to get an idea of the quality of puppies we have been producing and to get a better idea of which you have a preference for (although many of our clients love them all and have a very hard time making a decision).

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