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Black Trindle Pied

Black Trindle Pied

Black trindle pieds are basically identical to pure black pieds, since they have white lower legs such that there is no brindling.  They could have a tiny bit of coloring on their cheeks, but most just look like pure blacks.  They have sleek black coats in the non-white areas, with no brindling, so it makes a gorgeous contrast to the white basecoat.  We will post videos of some trindle pieds in the near future.

Reyna is a darling black trindle pied, which means she carries a copy of the brindle gene and the genetics for tan points.  Since the only area any significant brindling will show up on a trindle is the lower legs, and since her lower legs are white, and will therefore not show brindling, she looks like a pure black.  She also carries the blue and the chocolate genes, so she can produce any color that Frenchies come in, depending on which male we breed her to. With her beautiful conformation and looks, along with her small size, we have many great options.

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