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Sable Frenchies have a basic fawn coloring (from a lighter tan to a darker reddish coloring) with a blending of black and black tipped hairs, most prominent on the back, sides, and head. These are very striking dogs which are fairly rare.


Eve is a lighter fawn color but is still a dark sable.
Darla is a darling girl who could pass for a light sable or a fawn. You can’t help but love her even if you do belong to the “He-man woman haters club”!
Like this time of year, Autumn is beautiful. She is a dark red fawn sable girl.
Crow is simply adorable. He is a dark red fawn sable boy.
Colt is a cute little dark red sable boy.
Ruger is a stunning dark red sable boy!
Shade is a gorgeous sable boy who will look very much like his pretty mother, Eve. He is such a sweet and content boy who loves to snuggle.
Her name is Fiona, and she may be stubborn like an Ogre by not being very cooperative for her pictures, but she is a sweet and shy little princess! Fiona is a beautiful dark sable girl.

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