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Black & Tan

Black & Tan

Black and tans are very rare and beautiful. They have a sleek and shiny black coat with no brindling to it what-so-ever, and gorgeous tan points predominantly above their eyes, cheeks, and lower legs. The contrast of the tan points against the black is just stunning!

Leia is a gorgeous black and tan female whose tan points are very apparent and striking.



Summer is a very rare beauty. She is a beautiful black and tan girl, who looks like her handsome daddy, Django. You can see the beautiful tan points on her lower legs and hopefully in the coming weeks she will have the distinctive tan points on her face like Django. She will have no brindling to her beautiful black coat, which gives it a very sleek and shiny appearance.

Here is a video with beautiful, rare colors including two handsome black and tan boys named Rocket and Drax from Jade’s litter with Cruz. You can see Rocket at around 2:15 and Drax at around 3:10.

Here is a video with 2 examples of Black and Tans from Elfie’s litter with Cruz. Allie (4:35) has very prominent points, whereas Finn’s (0:40) are muted.

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