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Lynette and Admiral (7/20/23)

Lynette and Admiral (7/20/23)

Lynette is a first-time mama and Admiral is a first-time daddy, and they out did themselves with seven wonderful puppies.  We were expecting 25% creams, which is what we got, but they are both boys.  All five of the girls are blue & tan, blue trindle, or pure blue.  They have been vet checked and we will begin placing them soon.

Lance (cream male, blue collar) – reserved by Eileen & Mark, UT

Lindell (cream male) – reserved by Kelly and Stephen, NJ

Lacey (blue & tan female, aqua collar) – reserved by Aram, CO

Libby (blue & tan female) – reserved by Tom & Emily, CO

Lisa (blue trindle female, yellow collar) – reserved by Dawn, CO

Lana (blue trindle female, lavender) – reserved by Matthew & Michelle, MN

Lindy (blue trindle female) – reserved by Sally and Raul, CA

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