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Blue Fawn

Blue Fawn

Blue-fawn Frenchies carry the same double recessive dilute genes that the blue brindles or blue pieds carry, except that they carry two genes for the fawn color, whereas the darker blues carry at least one copy of the brindle gene (which is dominant over the fawn gene). Blue-fawn Frenchies have a lovely shade of fawn as the base color with a bluish masks and pads and shadings of blue most visible on the back and ears. There are no two of them exactly alike, but they are all stunning, especially if you are partial to the fawn/tan coloring, which we certainly are.









Reagan is a tiny little blue fawn girl who is barely over 2 lbs at 5 wks of age. She is precious!

Amazing Grace is a gorgeous and petite blue fawn girl.

Our little butterball, Turkey, is a yummy blue fawn boy.
Peter is a precious blue fawn boy who is currently the smallest in the litter. Just look at that sweet face, he looks just like hid daddy, Cody!
Pansy is a gorgeous blue fawn girl who has such a gorgeous golden color to her coat.
Solo is a gorgeous blue fawn boy who has a beautiful color to his coat – he is the lightest of all the blue fawns and probably the lightest we have yet to produce.
Brian is a blue fawn boy. Is he handsome or what???
Star is an adorable blue fawn girl who looks miniature up next to her big brother, Banner! Her ears are going up nicely and her playful personality is really starting to come out
Elektra is an electrifying blue fawn girl. Her personality is on the shyer side at this time, but of course, still developing.
Bevan is a handsome blue fawn boy who looks just like his grandfather, Quigley. They don’t get any cuter than this!

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