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Blue Brindle

Blue Brindle

Thor (Thunder) is all grown up now and is one of our amazing studs of whom we couldn’t be more proud.
Heaven is another one of our beautiful blue brindle puppies whom we held onto for our breeding program.

Corbin Bleu

Blue Sky has the most beautiful blue coat. You need a magnifying glass to see any brindling.










Remington is a blue brindle boy and is as handsome as they come!

Sweet Pea is a precious blue brindle girl who also has nice conformation and has a sweet personality to match that sweet face!

Gray is a gorgeous blue brindle boy. He looks so much like his handsome daddy, Rush! This whole litter has such sweet dispositions and are as cute as can be!

Lloyd is a breathtaking blue brindle boy who has an amazing dark blue coat with not much brindling that can be seen at this time. Just look at those folds and wrinkles!

Phoebe is a beautiful blue brindle girl who hardly has any brindling to her beautiful coat.

Bambi is a beautiful little blue brindle girl.

Zeppe is a beautiful blue brindle girl with minimal brindling (since she does not show any at this time, she’s a seal blue brindle).

America, Freedom, Blast and Patriot are gorgeous blue brindles from Heaven and Thor’s litter. Here is a video of the litter at 1 week of age.

Here is another video showing blue brindle puppies (Corbin Bleu and Sky) and blue pied puppies (Chevy and Cambree).

Here is a video of our gorgeous blue brindle puppies, Thunder (AKA: Thor) and Lightning, along with their handsome black brindle brother, Storm. Blue brindles carry the double dilute genes (one copy from each parent) which dilute the characteristic black to a gorgeous blue-gray (however, we have seen many blues which do not have the striking blue-gray color with which ours our blessed).

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