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Blue Brindle Pied

Blue Brindle Pied

One of our favorite thing about pieds is that they all come with their own unique pattern and design and there are no two just alike. We have produced some outstanding blue pieds from lots of blue patterning to lots of white and we have many more planned for the future.





Peeta is a stunning blue pied boy.
Marlin is a marvelous blue pied boy. He seems to have inherited daddy Quigley’s short/cobby body.
Rainey is a gorgeous blue pied girl. This whole litter has such sweet dispositions and are as cute as can be!
Delilah is a darling blue pied girl. She has a little more brindling to her coat than her blue pied brother, Brigham. Just look at that massive head!
Here is a video with two of our blue pied Frenchie puppies, Cambree and Chevy (they are the ones with white patterns on their coat) as well as a couple of blue brindle pups.

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