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Black Brindle

Black Brindle

Standard brindle Frenchies have a predominant black coat with lighter colored hairs mixed in. The lighter colored hairs can be virtually non existent (a seal brindle appears to be pure black, but close inspection will reveal some lighter hairs) to the lighter hairs being more prominent than the dark hairs (which results in a reverse brindle). A tiger brindle has relatively uniform bands of brindling on the body resembling tiger stripes. We have produced and will continue to produce some outstanding brindle puppies which range from the gorgeous black seal brindle (like Raven and Hunter) to pups having enough brindling to approach the tiger brindle (like Storm).

Storm (AKA: Angus) has a beautiful coat with lots of brindling.


Grant has a very small amount of brindling.

Raven is a gorgeous seal brindle, which means she hardly has any brindling whatsoever.

Hunter, like Grant, has very little brindling.




Lumen is a lovely brindle girl.

Magnum is a magnificent black brindle boy.

James Bond is a ladies man indeed! He is a handsome brindle boy and has quite a bit of gorgeous brindling contrasting against his black coat.

Britton is a beautiful black brindle girl who is extremely short and compact like her daddy, Quigley.

Gabbi is agorgeous black brindle girl who could be classified as a tiger or even a reverse brindle.

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