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These 12 Tips Can Help Keep Your Pets Healthy Mid-Pandemic

While the coronavirus presents the biggest threat to humans, pets can be at risk, too. Since your furry friend is part of the family, keeping them out of harm’s way remains a priority. Here are 11 tips for keeping your pet or pets as healthy as possible during the pandemic.

Since there’s still much that’s unknown about the coronavirus, it helps to maintain a super-clean home. With pets, that’s a challenge—but sanitizing regularly can help keep every person and critter healthy.

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Health Benefits for Helping Your Dog Stay Fit and Healthy

Like any other member of the family, dogs require the proper care and attention to help them stay healthy. Looking after your dog’s wellbeing is just as important as looking after your own. There are many benefits to keeping your dog fit and healthy. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Here are some of the basics and benefits of dog care.

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Allergy Proofing Your Home With Pets

For many people, the living room is the center of the home and where they go to unwind or spend time with family. While watching your favorite show or having a family game night, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by itchy eyes or uncontrollable sneezing. Due to the many hours you spend in your living room, it’s a good idea to be thorough and pay special attention to it when allergy-proofing your home.

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9 Beneficial Items You Should Consider Incorporating in Your French Bulldog’s Diet

French Bulldogs are unique dogs that require a special diet. These wonderful companions are naturally lazy, and without a proper diet, they can easily become overweight, resulting in numerous health issues. Therefore, they need a well-balanced diet that can provide them with the necessary energy while making sure they don’t gain weight and stay healthy. Luckily, there are numerous ready-made nutritious meals for Frenchies in the market that can give your Frenchie everything it needs. These meals are perfectly designed to improve your dog’s health while making sure that he has the needed energy for his daily walks and play. Other than the commercial dog foods, there are several other food items that can significantly improve your French Bulldog’s health. These items can merge perfectly with both homemade and commercial dog foods. Here are some of the best healthy foods that can support your French Bulldog’s health aid healing. Consider incorporating these into your Frenchie’s diet 1.    Raw Eggs For decades, we have been programmed to stay away from raw eggs, but did you know that raw eggs, together with their shells, can be a complete source of nutrition for your dog? An egg is a great source of folate,

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23 Common Signs of Stress in Dogs

The human world can be a stressful place for dogs. Every dog has different triggers, but meeting strangers, hearing new noises, or even just getting into the car are examples of simple activities that can cause intense stress for many dogs. As dog owners, it’s our duty to minimise the stress and anxiety felt by our canine companions. Long-term stress can lead to serious health conditions, so it shouldn’t be ignored. A stressed or anxious dog is also more likely to develop behavioural problems. For these reasons, it’s vital to understand what canine stress actually is, what causes it, and how to relieve it. Most importantly, every owner should recognise stress signals, so that they can uncover (and relieve) exactly what causes stress for their pet. To help dog owners, The Dog Clinic has put together a complete guide to canine stress. It includes an overview of common stress triggers, 23 examples of stress signals, and tips for helping your dog to relax. You can view the full article here: https://www.thedogclinic.com/signs-of-stress.

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