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Exercise and Training of Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, are smart, intelligent, and adorable-looking dogs. People love to pet them because of their charming looks and easy maintenance. So, if you are looking for a French Bulldog for sale to add to your family, you will undoubtedly fall in love with their adorable appearance and charming personality.

These small, sturdy dogs are known for their affectionate nature and make wonderful companions. However, they require proper care to keep them healthy and happy.

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As mentioned above, these dog breeds don’t require much maintenance or exercise. The time spent on exercise should be utilized effectively, regardless of duration. At BlueHaven French Bulldogs, we ensure all our French Bulldogs for sale receive proper diets and exercise and that they have vet checkups to ensure that we provide you with a healthy puppy.

In this blog, we will explore more about the types of exercise in which you can engage your French Bulldog and how to train them correctly. So, keep reading.

Understanding Your French Bulldog

Before we dive into the specifics of exercising and training your beloved French Bulldog, let’s take a moment to understand these charming canines.  The French Bulldog, often affectionately referred to as a “Frenchie”, is a small bulldog breed known for their unique characteristics and endearing personality.

Breed Characteristics: French Bulldogs are easily recognizable by their distinctive appearance. They have a compact, muscular build, a short snub nose, and expressive bat-like ears. Their short coats come in a variety of gorgeous colors, including the standard black brindle (brindling is the mixing of lighter colored hairs in with the darker colored hairs in no discernable pattern), various shades of fawn and sable, cream, and pieds in these beautiful colors (a pied is a Frenchie with a base white coat with darker colored patches of varying sizes and locations).  They also come in the stunning rare colors of blue, chocolate, and lilac, including pure coats and tan points in these colors.  They are relatively small, typically weighing between 16 to 28 pounds (7 to 13 kilograms) and standing about 11 to 12 inches (28 to 31 centimeters) tall at the shoulder.

Energy Levels and Exercise Requirements: Before looking for French Bulldogs for sale, your understanding a Frenchie’s energy levels is essential. While they are not the most energetic dogs compared to many other breeds, they still require daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy.  Fortunately, that can generally be accomplished during their normal inside activities, along with regular short walks in the cooler parts of the day.  Of course, they can handle a lot more, if you wish to be more active with them, but make sure that they do not overexert themselves in the heat of the day.

Most Frenchies are calm and relaxed, making them ideal for apartment living, motorhomes, homes with limited outdoor space, etc. However, there should be no compromise on their exercise needs, as minimal as they may be.

Knowing Your Frenchie’s Personality: One of the keys to successful training and exercise is understanding your Frenchie’s unique personality. French Bulldogs can have varying temperaments; some may be more outgoing and social, while others might be a bit reserved or stubborn.  By getting to know your Frenchie’s individual quirks and preferences, you can tailor your training and exercise routines to suit them best.

Why Exercise Matters?

Exercise is not just about burning off excess energy; it’s also essential for your Frenchie’s overall well-being. Regular exercise helps to:

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight: French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, which can lead to various health issues. Adequate exercise, along with a proper diet, helps them stay at a healthy weight.
  • Strengthen Muscles: Exercise keeps their muscles toned and strong, which is particularly important for their posture and mobility.  Since the Frenchie is a dwarf breed, some spinal discs may be malformed, but good musculature helps prevent back issues as they age.
  • Mental Stimulation: Physical activity is also mental stimulation. It prevents boredom, reduces anxiety, and keeps their minds active.
  • Creates a bond:  A lot of positive bonding will occur as you spend quality time with your Frenchie while ensuring he/she gets proper exercise and training.

Types of Exercises for French Bulldogs

Now that we’ve established the importance of exercise for French Bulldogs and the daily duration they need, let’s explore the various types of exercises that are well-suited to this charming breed. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of options to keep your Frenchie engaged and physically active.

1. Indoor Exercises:

  • Interactive Toys and Puzzles: French Bulldogs are intelligent dogs. Invest in interactive toys and puzzles that your Frenchie can figure out how to solve them. This not only provides mental stimulation but also encourages physical activity as they work to get to the reward.
  • Tug-of-War: A gentle game of tug-of-war with a soft rope toy can be a fun and interactive indoor activity. It allows your Frenchie to use their natural instincts without requiring a lot of space.
  • Zoomies:  Don’t be surprised if your Frenchie does zoomies around the house every day or two.  It is good for them, and it helps burn off excess energy.
  • Fetch:  Indoor fetch, with a knotted-up sock, or most anything else, will not only provide exercise, but will aid in their training.  This can be combined with hide-and-seek, which can also be fun and stimulating for them.

2. Outdoor Exercises:

  • Walks: Daily walks are a staple for French Bulldogs. Keep the walks short and relaxed, and be mindful of the temperature, especially in hot weather. Consider using a harness instead of a collar to protect their delicate necks if they try pulling you at the start.  Eventually, it should not be necessary.
  • Hikes: While French Bulldogs are not known for their endurance, they can still enjoy shorter hikes on easy trails. Just ensure the trail is suitable for their size and stamina, and avoid hot and excessively humid weather.
  • Swimming: Some French Bulldogs love water, although they are so top heavy that most do not swim well. If you have access to a dog-friendly beach or a pool, consider introducing your Frenchie to wading, and possibly swimming if they show a knack. Always supervise them closely and use a doggy life vest if needed.
  • Outdoor fetch or hide-and-seek:  Most Frenchies enjoy these games and get good exercise in the process.  Just don’t overdo it.  A few good fetches are generally sufficient.

Training Your French Bulldog

Training your French Bulldog is a crucial aspect of being a responsible owner. It helps them become well-behaved companions and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. Let’s explore the essentials of training your Frenchie, focusing on positive reinforcement techniques and addressing common behavior issues.

1. Basic Obedience Training Essentials:

  • Sit, Stay, and Come Commands: Teaching your Frenchie basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” is fundamental. These commands provide structure and safety, especially when you’re out and about. Start with short training sessions, using treats and praise to reward good behavior.  You can find lots of online help in teaching these commands.
  • Potty Training: While some Frenchies seemingly come almost potty trained from the breeder, French Bulldogs can be a bit stubborn when it comes to potty training, so patience is key. Establishing a consistent routine is critical.  Take them out regularly, especially within 15 minutes or so after eating, and praise them when they do their business where you want them to go. Once they are several months old, they should be able to hold it through the night, but for the first several weeks, take them out at least once during the night, when you get up to do your business.

2. Positive Reinforcement Training Methods:

  • Reward-Based Training: French Bulldogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Reward them for their good behavior with some treats, praise, and affection. This encourages them to repeat the desired actions.
  • Consistency: Consistency is vital in training. Ensure that everyone in your household follows the same rules and commands so your Frenchie isn’t confused.

3. Addressing Common Behavior Issues:

  • Barking: The French Bulldog is one of the quietest of all breeds and rarely barks, unless something is out of order, but a few individuals can be prone to excessive barking, especially if bored or anxious. Identify the triggers for their barking and use positive reinforcement to discourage it. Provide alternative activities to keep them occupied.
  • Jumping: Training your Frenchie not to jump on people is essential, especially if you have guests. Teach them the “off” command and reward them when they greet people calmly.  Fortunately, most Frenchies are not prone to this behavior, so it is often not an issue, but if it is, resolve it quickly so that everyone can enjoy the company of this wonderful breed.
  • Leash Pulling: French Bulldogs may pull on their leash during walks. Use a harness or a no-pull harness to make walks more comfortable for both you and your Frenchie.  Again, this is not an issue for the majority of Frenchies, and a standard collar may be all that will ever be necessary, but don’t jerk on a standard collar so as not to injure your companion.
  • Chewing on things they shouldn’t:  It is important to know that all Frenchies love to chew, so it is critical that they always have access to several things they can safely chew.  BlueHaven loves flavored Nylabones, as their Frenchies love them, they keep their Frenchies’ teeth in great condition, they last a very long time, and they are relatively inexpensive.  Whatever you do, don’t give them rawhide, so that they don’t chew off and swallow a piece that will expand in their stomachs and potentially cause severe health issues.


In this blog, we’ve explored the vital aspects of exercise and training fundamental to Frenchies’ well-being. Training your Frenchie helps them become obedient and well-behaved companions and strengthens the unique bond you share.

So, as you embark on this journey of looking for French Bulldogs for sale, remember that each Frenchie is unique, and their progress may vary. Celebrate their small victories, and above all, shower them with love and affection. With the right training and exercise, your French Bulldog will thrive and become a beloved part of your family.

Looking for French Bulldogs for saleBlueHaven French Bulldogs offers high-quality French Bulldogs in all of their glorious colors and patterns. No matter what type of Frenchie you desire, from black brindles to lilac & tans, and everything in between, BlueHaven can help you acquire the Frenchie of your dreams.  Contact us today to start the journey.

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