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Hi BlueHaven!

We hope all is well in your neck of the woods. All is well here. We’ve had GiGi, formerly known as Sabrina, for nearly 9 weeks and thought we would check in.

Originally, when we listed our preferred colors, we did not select brindle, but as you can see, once we saw GiGi, we knew she had to be in our family. The timing worked out perfectly, and we were able to meet Bick & Donna in San Antonio just a few days after Christmas to pick her up, and surprise our 4 kids. We had a great time meeting Bick & Donna, and truly appreciated the wonderful care they gave our girl on her first big road trip.

GiGi is very well. She has had all of her immunizations/shots so we can sign-up for obedience classes soon. Now that the weather has warmed up, we are planning to visit our local dog park, that just opened last month. We weighed her last night, and she is just a few ounces shy of 11 pounds. She was 6 pounds when we received her so she has really beefed up quite nicely.

We take GiGi with us wherever we go, and let me tell you, she LOVES all of the attention she gets when we are out and about. Her favorite time of day is picking the kids up from school. We walk to and from school, and during our walks, she receives loads of hugs and kisses from little kids, and gives loads of kisses to them as well We are still working on walking on a leash, but for the most part, she does very well.

GiGi sleeps in her kennel at night. The first few nights she was home were rough, but it has been smooth ever since. She knows when it is time for lights out, and goes right in her kennel. In fact, a few times we have stayed up too late for her, and she has put herself in her kennel.

We have 4 kids, and they argue about everything under the sun, and now the constant argument is who gets to hold and cuddle GiGi first when they get home from school. I am telling you, this girl is not lacking in the love & attention department.

I will leave you with several pictures of our girl. Thank you, BlueHaven, for our precious GiGi! We absolutely adore her and can’t wait to make many more memories with her.

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