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Hi Donna and Lacey-
It is about time we sent you an email to let you know how much we absolutely adore Vincent! He is such a sweetheart and has shown so much personality from the first day we brought him home. He is a celebrity in our neighborhood and everyone tells us that he is the most amazing color and easily the cutest frenchie they have seen- and that is saying a lot considering we have countless frenchie neighbors!

He loves playing at the park with other dogs, but also loves to cuddle up with us on the sofa and sleep (and snore loudly). He has a habit of always sleeping with his tongue out- it is so precious, especially when he wakes up and doesn’t realize it is still sticking out.

He has also taken a particular liking to the toy you sent with him on his trip from Utah- a little pink pig/bunny. He sleeps with it in his crate every night and the first thing he does when he wakes up is gets the toy and brings it out of the crate with him.
We have taken hundreds of pictures so it is so hard to pick a few to send, but we’ve attached some of our favorites. We also recently created a Facebook page to share our pictures with friends.

We can’t thank you enough for breeding such an amazing puppy, and for all your help throughout the process. You were both so personable and so kind in taking time to answer our hundreds of questions. We would highly recommend you to anyone, and do so any chance we get!

P.S. Congratulations Lacey on your newest family addition. He is precious!

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