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Hello BlueHaven family I hope all is well with you and all your babies.  I just wanted to send you a photo of Winnie, Thursday will be her 3rd birthday, time has gone fast. Maybe one day if I don’t travel so much I will get another.  I look at your page every once in awhile just to keep up with what you are breeding.
Just know Winnie is so loved and happy, she was supposed to be my dog (really a family dog) but she LOVES my husband:)  We have a wonderful daycare here that she goes to a couple times a month for the day and loves to go, doesn’t want to leave.  I practically have to drag her out of there.
She sleeps with us every night, right in the bed and we wouldn’t have it any other way, I miss her if she’s not there.  As far as her behavior it is just great.  She loves kids and just about everybody that pays her any attention.  I will keep in touch, thank you for breeding such wonderful healthy dogs.

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