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Wanted to share a quick update on Bo (formerly PT).  We absolutely adore him and he is such a good dog.  He is my shadow…follows me everywhere! It’s funny because when we first got him, he was so independent and didn’t like to snuggle with us.  Now that he is a bit older, he isn’t happy unless he is touching one of us at all times.  I’ve included some recent pictures of him…he is so handsome . We moved to Arizona last year and have a huge yard that he and his brother, Gus, love to explore.  Bo is fascinated by the birds, rabbits, lizards, etc….he thinks he can catch them!

I also wanted to inquire with you on the process for adopting one of your retired females.  I’ve noticed that you have had a couple of retirees available on your website in recent weeks and was curious on the process.  We’ve been thinking of adding a female to our gang but not sure that I am ready for another puppy yet!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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