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Hello Donna and Lacey,
I just wanted to thank you for everything done during the whole process from beginning when we first made our email introduction to the very end when we receive our beautiful little puppy ( Buddy now Bane Blu ).

You truly raise the bar when it comes to customer service. You stayed in contact with me the entire time. You answered all my inquiries no matter how many I had and made sure that I felt confident when dealing with you at such a distance away. Because I was 2 hours difference away in Buffalo, NY it was very nerve wracking knowing I was sending a good sum of money across the country, but because of all the avenues you presented for communication I was put at ease very quickly. You breed some of the best French Bulldogs I have ever seen and the Vet we took Bane Blu to can attest to that. But more than everything, Donna and Lacey, you became a part of my life because of how polite and kind you both were to work with. You are wonderful people! It’s not every day you get to meet decent people like yourselves, especially when it comes to business; but I was happy and truly blessed to be able to cross your path and meet you long distance. Thank you for how thorough you are with everything you do with the business and I look forward to hopefully be able to get Bane a friend from your home if possible. Until then I will keep sending you pics that you love and keep in contact so that we don’t lose touch. Thank you so much!!!!!

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