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Hello Donna and Lacey,

Thank you so much for the e-mail message. I watch to see what new litters you will be having in the spring from time to time as it will soon be time for me to choose my second puppy! Not sure yet but would likely want blue or blue pied or chocolate or brindle…probably make but not sure. I’ll probably just pick out a cute puppy when I see them like I did with Donna (now Zellie) from Brynlee’s litter. She is lovely and everyone loves her. She is the center of attention wherever she goes and she loves it!

My sister and daughter were the ones who picked her up at the airport. Daniele (my sister) went home to Georgia, but my daughter Colleen loves her just as much as I do.

Some times she spends the week over at Colleen’s house with her two big dogs – she is fearless! She also made friends with my other daughter’s (Mackenzie’s) Husky. She tired him out! Really, the only time I hear her bark is when she is playing with a big dog. At home she has two cats to play with and they are starting to play with her so it is constant hilarity.

We all love her dearly and thank you so much for raising such quality dogs. Here are a few recent pics so you can see how she is filling out (about 11 pounds now) and her coloring is changing a bit (she is getting more little spots).

Keep in touch!

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