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When we initially started looking for a French bull dog we scoured the Internet for a good breeder that was knowledgeable, friendly and patient. It was important to us that the breeder cared more about the puppies, quality, and temperament rather than quantity and just looking to make a quick sale.

We found that with BlueHaven and more! We waited patiently on the waiting list for over a year, not because we couldn’t have other puppies beforehand, but because we were VERY specific about color, gender and the look of the puppy we wanted. BlueHaven never pressured us to take a different color, and never tried to talk us into anything we didn’t want.
While we were on the waiting list we scoured their website and educated ourselves on French Bulldogs, and what to expect when the little one arrived.

We emailed BlueHaven periodically during that waiting period to check in and always heard back from them very quickly.

When it was our turn on the waiting list, BlueHaven had a puppy that was just what we were looking for, we were so excited! BlueHaven couldn’t have made the process any easier. They gave us banking information so we could quickly deposit the funds locally rather than sending a check, and confirmed receipt of the funds that same day. Donna called us and set up a date and time that worked for everyone to have her fly into the airport, and when she arrived we couldn’t have been happier. The gentleman that flew with her was courteous, friendly and very patient while we looked over all the paperwork. We even tried to tip him and he wouldn’t take it, but instead smiled and congratulated us! The entire transaction was seamless and transparent from the beginning.

When Agnes arrived home we quickly found her to be well rounded, very smart (too smart ) and a great temperament. We received an email that same day to make sure everything was going well and asking if we had any questions. We followed all the great advice on BlueHaven’s website and it was such a huge help. The service didn’t stop there! We asked questions afterwards and always received emails back quickly. Donna, Lacey, and Bick always asked about how Agnes was doing and wanted to see pictures, it really showed how much they not only cared about our satisfaction but also that Agnes was happy and healthy.
We went to the vet for her wellness exam and he was impressed that she was so healthy, and well adjusted. He was also shocked that she was a “rare” case that didn’t have any parasites in her stool. She was in perfect health!

We are so impressed with BlueHaven we are on the list for another puppy! As you can see Agnes has a really rough life, and a perfect fit for the family ;). We highly recommend BlueHaven to anyone looking for a wonderful experience purchasing a French Bulldog. We wouldn’t consider using anyone else.

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