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Trenton (now known as Lewis) at the office keeping an eye out for who’s naughty or nice!

I can not say enough nice things about Donna and Lacey! I have been wanting a French Bulldog for a few years now. I happened onto their website in April and fell in love with their dogs. The majority of them had the real stocky/bully look that I wanted.

I contacted them first with a few questions and then decided to get on their waiting list. They have always been great about responding to all my questions.

 I made the waiting list deposit, the deposit to hold Lewis (formerly Trenton), and final payment by taking checks to Wells Fargo. Donna & Lacey gave me their account info and I was able to make deposits at a local branch into their account. My sister, who also bought a Frenchie, used Paypal for the two deposits and then took her final payment to Wells Fargo. I always sent them a copy of the receipts via email or text so they would have them for their records. They always sent immediate confirmation.

In terms of checking out to make sure they were legit, I really didn’t do any research other than following my gut. I can say that my gut was spot on. Lewis and Frank (my sister’s dog – formerly Grant) are both healthy beautiful puppies. They are well socialized and love all people, dogs & even cats. That they came well socialized is hugely important to us since they both come to work with us. (Along with a Chocolate Lab, Rottweiler, and Irish Setter.)

Our vet came to check them 3 days after we picked them up at the airport. She was impressed not only with the health and condition of the pups but also with how thorough the records and paper work from Blue Haven was. She said she’s seen a lot of Breeder records/contracts and theirs was the best she’s ever seen. She said they do a really nice job and that seeing that told her that they really know what they’re doing. To me, her comments were another affirmation that I made the right decision to get a Blue Haven pup.

Lewis and Frank are both doing great. Lewis sleeps through the night in his crate. I was worried that he would whine about being in there but he really prefers to have his own space when he sleeps. As I said, they’re both office dogs. They play in my office or in the backyard and then take naps behind our desks. Everyone who meets them adores them. How could you not?
Lewis is exactly what I envisioned my Frenchie to be. Sounds cheesy but he’s my dream Frenchie come true.
I promise you, if you decide to get a dog from Blue Haven, you won’t be sorry. Donna and Lacey are both awesome to deal with and their dogs are amazing. My eight year old daughter said to me one day, “It’s not that we just got a dog. It’s like we got new friends too.”

You can not go wrong with a Blue Haven puppy.

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