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Thank you so much for letting us provide Sunny his new home!! His name will be Rami (pronounced Rah-Mee). Little guy is already knocked out in his kennel after a good meal and two hours of play time. He is so handsome!

Bick, Donna and Lacey,

We have now had Rami (formerly Sunny) for almost a week. We must admit we are sleep deprived ? but we are so very much in love. Day 3 & 4 were SUPER challenging but I think he is starting to really settle in and is beginning to respond to his name now. He is getting the command “come” down very well and we are working on “sit.” Potty training is going pretty well and he seems to be headed in the right direction.

Most importantly, I cannot express how thrilled I am that he has meshed well with our cat Goose (who is afraid of EVERYTHING!) He never chases or barks at him and we have caught them nose to nose just checking each other out. We never thought that would happen!

Here are some photos of Rami in his new home. Thank you Blue Haven!!! More updates to come


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