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Hi Donna and Lacey!
Since we’re coming up on the one month mark of having Bode, I think it’s time for my testimonial.
To sum it up: He is a dream puppy. Not only is he adorable, but his personality is amazing. He is mellow, fearless, fun, loving, silly, healthy and good with people and dogs. He is just as happy playing with his toys as he is cuddling on your lap. He has become my little co-pilot and everywhere we go he gets LOTS of attention. By lots of attention I mean people crossing streets and stopping in their cars to meet him. We’ve been in many situations where there is literally a crowd of people around him, and he is happy to meet every person. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love with him. We are in puppy heaven.

I am beyond thankful to have found Donna and Lacey and their amazing breeding program. I looked for a long time for a reputable breeder and found it to be a difficult and confusing process until I found Blue Haven. The one thing that I was always grateful for was the amazing communication they have with their clients. I was never in the dark about what was happening and every step of the process was clearly explained and happened exactly how they said it would. I felt in control of my decisions regarding which puppy I ultimately picked and never felt pressured into any of my decisions.

You can tell from the pictures on their websites that their puppies are adorable, but his personality is an even better indicator of their commitment to breeding awesome dogs. He has never been nervous or scared and has always been receptive to new situations. He is an easy puppy and has made the experience of having a new puppy fun, exciting and worthwhile.
Thank you so much Donna and Lacey for giving us this amazing gift. We love him to the moon and back and are eternally grateful for making the decision to go with Blue Haven.
Best to you!

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