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Hi Donna, Lacey & Bick,

It has been 2 weeks since we picked up our bundle of joy from the airport. We have renamed Prince to Ziggy; the name fits him perfectly! I want to first start off and tell you we are so happy with our puppy, he is so sweet and loving, his personality has really started to show and he has already given us some good laughs. He has met numerous dogs in our neighborhood on walks and he’s very friendly with the dogs and humans he meets. We’ve gotten so many compliments on how sweet and good looking he is, needless to say we are proud puppy parents! We are potty training him right now and he goes into his kennel at night with ease and hasn’t had any accidents in his kennel. He also is learning how to sit, he’s got it down pretty well! He’s a VERY smart dog. I brought him into work with me for a half day and he did amazing. My co-workers love him and my boss wants me to keep bringing him in. They were all impressed with how well behaved he is! We are just so smitten with Ziggy and love him more and more each day,

he is a great addition to our family and we are so happy with the quality and the coloring of Ziggy, he’s perfect in our eyes!

To any potential client of BlueHaven:

BlueHaven comes highly recommended in our books! They do an excellent job at keeping in contact with you throughout the whole process. We had our name on the waiting list for about a year before we got a puppy – I suggest if you are interested in one of BlueHaven’s puppies get on the list right away! I had emailed a bunch while we were on the waiting list just asking for updates, they would always respond right away and were always so nice. From the start when we were informed that there was a puppy we might be interested in, to arranging the carrier to bring the dog to us, to the finish of getting the dog, BlueHaven’s communication with us was excellent and we were informed of everything through the whole process. Donna, Lacey & Bick are great people, you can tell by the quality of dogs and their personalities – these dogs come from a loving home and it’s very apparent! Do your research and when you do you will see that BlueHaven is one of the BEST or in my mind the best French Bulldog breeder out there.

Thank you again for such a great experience through the whole process of getting our puppy! I can’t say it enough we are so happy we choose you as our breeder and will definitely be back for another puppy companion for Ziggy in a year or two! I have already had people ask where I got the dog from and I’ve given them your information. We looking forward to continuing to love Ziggy and watching him grow into a handsome adult dog! I will send you more pictures and an update down the road.

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