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We have attached a recent picture of him (he loves his baby carrot treat, making friends with some piglets, running through the water, and after a long day of apple picking he just needs a quick rest!). He is the cutest dog ever! Every day we go for a walk and someone has to come up and tell him how adorable he is. His ears and tongue get the most attention.

Winston loves everyone and everything! He has not barked or growled or nipped any anyone or anything. He is such a happy kind dog. Kids love him and he loves to lick them. He does still jump and that will scare some kids (even though he really just wants to lick), so we are continuing to work on that. A new puppy was brought home to our neighbor’s house and Winston couldn’t be any happier. He is definitely not a dominant dog, he just loves to play. When the other dog wants to wrestle, Winston will just roll over and wait for his turn to attack. The puppy sometimes is a little rough, but Winston doesn’t really seem to mind.

Winston is very active. Our 2 cats hate him but he continues to try to play with them, and they just walk away or swat at him if he gets too close. We walk about 1 ½ miles a day and he gets a lot of play time outside. When he gets inside, he doesn’t stop until bed time. He will make you play with him no matter what you want. He takes his toys and will bump them against you. He has not learned the art of dropping a toy that much; he would rather play tug of war. It’s actually hard to type this because he continues to paw at my hand to play with him. He also loves to run laps in the house and will run right into the sofa cushions, bounce off, and start again. Winston is definitely not shy. If we bring him out with a crowd he will go and introduce himself to everyone and make sure he gets enough attention and kisses, then he will settle down and chill out. He does not bark very often, only when he sees someone outside he wants to visit with or if there is a noise that scares him. Winston is also a very snuggly loving dog. Like we said a few times, he loves giving kisses and nibbling a bit on the ear. We don’t think he has an aggressive bone in his body. He can be eating or playing with his favorite toy and you can go right into his mouth. He won’t growl or even nip at you. He also loves to lay in our arms like a baby and have his belly rubbed. Every night, Winston starts in his own bed, however, as soon as he knows we are asleep, he crawls under the covers and right up where he can put his head on the pillow. Every day Winston makes us laugh. He loves doing sneak attacks – out of nowhere, he will just jump on you and “attack your face” with kisses and nibbles on the ear. He has such a strong personality and we truly believe he does things to get a laugh out of us.

We believe that whatever you did with him before we got him made him the dog he is, his parents, socializing, and all the love you showed him gave us exactly the dog we wanted! We did bring him to star puppy school and he passed with flying colors. We were going to train him to be a therapy dog, however, we don’t have the time to invest, and he is just too hyper right now. Hopefully once he gets the jumping to stop, we can think about it again.

Thank you again for everything you did with him!

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