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Indigo has been great! Very healthy, smart, and loving puppy! And we just love her to death! She has so much character, I often can just look at her and smile and laugh. She is very obedient, knows her name well and comes when she is called. I take her to work with me and she never cries, barks or acts out in any disorderly conduct. I have a hundred pound blue pitbull and the two of them get along beautifully. She actually dominates him at times, especially when it comes to the bone or toy. Which is funny to watch a big pitbull cower to a 25 pound frenchie. However, we do not tolerate dominate behavior and it is something we are working on with her with a trainer. She has never bit anyone or dog but at times has displayed dominate behavior to certain dogs, like barking and growling. But when it comes to people she is such a lover!

And everyone loves her.

The only health issues we have had with her was with her diet. We had her on blue buffalo kibble when she was a puppy and she had the worst gas! I mean it would clear a room quickly!

We tried a few other brands of kibble with no avail. Until we found a brand called “small batch” and they are raw meat patties frozen and then we thaw them and mix in brown rice. The gas has completely disappeared. Indigo is very healthy with a strong bone structure and lots of muscles. A lot of people think that she is part pitbull at first glance because she is so ripped!

She loves playing fetch with the tennis ball. Everyday I take out to the baseball field next to my office and throw the ball for her and she brings it right back like clock work. Something I really never had to teach her, she just naturally picked this up. Loves chewing on her bone, and never anything she not supposed to chew on.

It was very easy to potty train her. We crate trained her right of the bat and we were very vigilant about taking outside often when she was a puppy until she figured out the rules on where to potty. And I think we had less than a handful of accidents when she was a puppy. And none in almost a year!

I am very grateful for Indigo and thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog!

Thank you!

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