BlueHaven French Bulldogs

Jordan (now known as Nacho)

When selecting a puppy, we looked at several breeds. We decided on a French bulldog because of the breed’s laid-back and friendly nature. We were thrilled to find a reputable breeder just a short drive away from our home in Salt Lake City, Utah. We emailed Donna and Lacey for several months before deciding to purchase Nacho, fka Jordan, from Ayla’s litter. It was so nice to work with Donna and Lacey. They quickly and honestly answered all of our questions and sent us regular updates on our puppy’s progress. Nacho is a wonderful addition to our home. After leaving Blue Haven, he adapted quickly and was soon right at home with us, lounging in the sunshine and snuggling up to us on the sofa. Nacho loves meeting and playing with new people, particularly children. We credit Blue Haven for his amazing disposition. Donna and Lacey get the whole family involved in raising and loving their puppies. Nacho is also extremely bright, and we are constantly thinking of new commands to teach him. He already knows “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “roll-over,” “shake,” “stand,” “jump,” “up” (sit on your haunches with front paws in the air), and “go into your house” (go into your kennel). We would recommend Blue Haven French Bulldogs to anyone looking to adopt a quality French bulldog.

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