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“Oh my gosh, she is absolutely perfect! We love her so much!”

Hi Donna, Bick, and Lacey,

Just checking in with a few updates on Margot (formerly Debra). The carrier, Ginny, was very helpful and super nice. She made the transfer of the puppy a very smooth one. Margot seems to be adjusting to her new home nicely. The potty training might be a bit more challenging than I thought, but I realize she is very young and we just need to stay consistent. We actually are using the PTPA as recommended on your website. I have a feeling she will get the hang of it soon.

She is so sweet and so full of personality. I think she is learning her name! We just absolutely love her! I have attached a few of our favorite photos of her so far. I might run out of room on my phone at the rate I am snapping photos. I now have a new appreciation for the 5 week photos posted online. That girl won’t hold still for the camera. haha.

Hope all is well with you!

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