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 Hi BlueHaven!!

Hope all is well! Rich and I would like to thank you for the care and love you put into your breeding program. Rowan is a healthy and fun-loving Frenchie! We get compliments and questions of “where did you get her” all the time. Rowan (formally Kissy from the James Bond litter) is the most amazing dog. Not only is she cute as can be, she is also very smart. She was quickly potty and kennel trained. She’ll be 9 months this week and the 3 of us, have really hit our stride.

She wants nothing more than to be close to us at all times, and the feeling is mutual :). Living in Southern California, we are lucky that many places are dog friendly so we take Rowan on our outings as often as possible!

For future BlueHaven puppy recipients or those wanting to see a puppy’s progression, they can follow her journey @rowan_the_frenchie on Instagram. Rowan has recently made 100 followers!

We don’t have children (yet) but Rowan gravitates towards kids! She loves them and they love her! It’s incredible how much of a people person (dog) she is. With other dogs she is also very well behaved. She lays down for any dog and allows them to sniff her. She’s very submissive.

Rowan has enriched our lives in so many ways. She truly has become our best friend. We love her so much don’t know how we lived without her!!

For future Frenchie owners, please know like with any puppy, the first few months are an adjustment period. Rowan was quite mischievous while teething, but this too shall pass!! Make sure to provide toys (Nylabone or antlers) as an option for chewing. She’s nearly 9 months and she’s a dream. For Rowan, at 8 months she was completely through teething and frapping (running around like a crazy, yet funny dog ) Be patient, like all puppies they will learn and with training be much better.

As far as breeders, BlueHaven does it right! Breeding for health over everything is the best practice and its proven in the quality dogs they breed. They care about each and every puppy that leaves. From the first meeting with the puppy’s new family to following up afterward, they are involved. When I had questions about when to spay Rowan I received a reply within hours. It’s comforting to know we always have their expertise nearby. We recommend them to everyone who has asked. And we have been talking about possibly getting back on the list for a brother in the near future ;).

We’ve included some photos (past and present) of baby Rowan for you to enjoy.

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