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Bryn right at home!
We did a lot of research to find the breed of dog that would work well with our family and lifestyle. Once we determined the Frenchie was our breed we were off to find a respectable breeder that we felt comfortable with. When I found Donna & Lacey I was very impressed with how informative their website was and how easy it was to ask them questions and get quick and clear answers.

We could also tell how much they love Frenchies and are very dedicated to the care and well-being of their dogs. We communicated with them over many months collecting information and deciding if we were ready for a new member to our family. Donna and Lacey made us feel so so comfortable asking any question and made it very easy for us to go and meet them in person so that we could check out their facility and meet them and the dogs. It’s amazing how things turned out, we ended up not getting a pup, rather one of the retired mom’s (dam) and couldn’t be happier. She is amazing and sweet and we love her to pieces. Donna and Lacey (and family) did such an amazing job training and loving Bryn that it was a pretty smooth transition for her and us. Bryn is the perfect family dog; so easy to love, low maintenance and wonderful with our children; even the toddler who is constantly in her face hugging and kissing her. Donna and Lacey made us feel confident with our decision and have continued to make themselves available for questions. Thank you Blue Haven (Donna & Lacey) for helping us find the newest member to our family and for helping us fall in love with the Frenchie!

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