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Dieter had an awesome first night. He didn’t like the original plan of sleeping in the kennel in our room….but he slept soundly all night cuddled up next to my pillow…? He doesn’t know what to think of the bunnies or the cats, so hopefully they will be friends soon!

Hi All,

Just wanted to give you a little update on Dieter. We LOVE him!! He is the cutest little guy ever. Everyone who meets him loves him, and he is very confident and social with people, dogs, cats, bunnies, you name it. He was quite the hit at Christmas! He definitely has a “big dog” personality in a little body! Dieter enjoys playtime with Natty, our bunny GusGus, and Kolbie, and sleeps snuggled up in our bed still…he is a good snuggler and sleeps soundly the whole night, so he hasn’t been kicked out to his crate. He is starting “puppy preschool” on Saturday, and I plan on getting him CGC certified eventually. He is doing even better than we expected, and is pretty much potty trained. He is very attentive, follows me around everywhere, and listens when I talk, doing the cutest little head tilt ever. We just can’t get over how adorable he is, and how lucky we feel to have him! He is thoroughly spoiled with more treats and toys than he could ever want, as well as a wardrobe of outfits to keep him warm in these cold winter months! Hope you enjoyed your holidays, and thanks again for such an amazing little dog.

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