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Wanted to let you know it all went very well and the kids were very surprised! There were tears of joy and excitement – it was wonderful!

Night went well – I had my hand in her kennel so she could sleep – she would make sure it was there and then fall back to sleep. She slept from 9:30-4am not bad

Updates: the name for Cameron is in debate – all the kids are stuck on one name. A little name drama – it’s amazing, even my older kids who are moved out made the name drama. They want to name her too – they all love her and we are on day 3.5 lol

Night 3 & 4 went much better…she is sleeping in her kennel all night and if she starts grunting, I just poke my fingers in her kennel and she touches them and then falls back to sleep. Easy enough! So cute.


She came into the office with me this morning and she did great! I baby gated my office off, set up a pee pad, bed, toys and water and she played then slept & she has been using her pee pad consistently the last 2 days and most all hits the pad! Yay!!!

She’s been doing errands with me in the kennel and she is quiet as we drive around Double yay! ??

Update: Cameron now Lily (Easter Lily) or (Silly Lily) weighed in at 9 lbs today for her shots and puppy check – she was the star of the vets office and my oh so sweet! My vet wanted to take her home!

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