BlueHaven French Bulldogs

Hi Bick, Donna, and Lacey,

We hope you are all doing well and getting ready for the holidays!

We just wanted to take some time to update you on Lola (Candy) as she just had her first vet visit this past weekend. First off, everyone at the vet loved Lola! We got many compliments on her, including from our vet. Without immediately knowing about her heart murmur, she classified it as a level 2/3 but leaning more towards 3. We assured her that we had known this and it had gone down from level 4 to 3 when she was still with you. We, of course, are going to continue to keep an eye on it and her growth but she said she looks healthy as can be!

She is about 6 pounds currently. She also received her second DAPP shot and did very well. The vet was very impressed with Lola’s records and your sales contract with us specifically in our situation.

We have been crate training and she is starting to get better with it. We still are experiencing some occasional crying at night but nothing compared to the first week

Potty training was also rough at first but we have really come to learn her schedule and create a routine so its both easier on us and her. We have noticed her teething/biting a lot more last week and are going through that currently. All things to be expected with a new puppy

In terms of Lola’s looks, personality, and temperament…we are in love. When we first met her at the airport, she was even more beautiful in person than in the pictures and video. We love her markings and we always get comments from others about them, too. We have already gotten questions about where and who we got her from As you mentioned to us the first day we got her, she plays hard and sleeps hard! She is so sweet with everyone she meets, including children, which we couldn’t be happier about.

You three have been amazing to work with and we are thankful to have received Lola from such a caring and kind family.

We will continue to update you on Lola but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy these photos of her!

All our best!

PS – Happy Holidays from our new little family to yours!

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