BlueHaven French Bulldogs

Toro (formerly Jeff) with his new loving family.

“My husband is laughing right now saying that he’s so in love he’s just not even embarrassed to kiss him in public! Hahaha!”

We’ve wanted a BlueHaven Frenchie ever since we found their website, contacted them and realized they were superior breeders who truly love and care immensely for all of their dogs. After getting on the waitlist, we waited anxiously and would always hope that our new baby would be in every new litter we saw! Our hearts nearly stopped when we saw their email about Toro (formerly Jeff) being available. He was everything we ever wanted! They did an incredible job at always keeping us informed on his progress and would indulge me in my numerous requests to see photos and videos of him as he grew!

When we first met him at the airport, I couldn’t be more in love. He melted in my arms and it truly felt as though he knew I was his new mom! Even Ginny said it! He’s even more handsome in person and he is the sweetest, most loving puppy we’ve ever met. You could tell he was so well cared for and loved every minute and it shows through his own personality. My husband can’t stop cuddling with our little boy who we endearingly nicknamed “muscle man.” He is our pride and joy and has made us a little family

We couldn’t recommend BlueHaven highly enough!!

We hope you enjoy the pictures (only a few of the thousands I’ve already taken!) and look forward to sending you updates!

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