We have been breeding high-quality Frenchies for several years now and we have learned quite a bit in the process, but we are smart enough to know that we haven’t learned everything. Occasionally, we will get requests from authors or organizations regarding the posting of articles that they think might be insightful to our clients and visitors to our website. We screen these articles and if we believe that they can provide additional knowledge that will allow our clients and site visitors to make more informed and better decisions and become better pet owners, we do agree to some of these requests.

Hopefully, you will find the articles posted under this heading to be educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions or comments regarding them please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bo (chocolate and tan pied, At/At, carries blue)

Bo is a very sweet and rare chocolate & tan pied boy with nice points who is now old enough to breed. Unlike most pieds, he has no other color on his white body. Most pieds will have some, and if they don’t have at least a few larger colored patches, they generally have some ticking. Bo’s coat has none. He also carries the blue gene, so we expect some very nice puppies from him.

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* Stud Service Available

We at BlueHaven have worked very hard over the years to obtain the highest quality males possible, so that their excellent genetics will be passed down through succeeding generations. Our primary concerns are health, temperament, conformation, size, and, finally, color genetics. Early on, we purchased some males from other well-established breeders, but these days most of our boys are from our own lines. We only introduce new blood when necessary to meet our breeding needs. The main thrust of our business is to produce the highest quality French Bulldog puppies possible, and, while studding our males is not a major focus for BlueHaven, we will provide fresh semen or fresh chilled semen for approved females. If you live close enough to our home in Tremonton, just northwest of Brigham City, UT, we will artificially inseminate your female with fresh semen for just the stud fee. We expect that you will have your girl progesterone tested and we will breed her twice, the first time a couple of days after her ovulation date, and then a couple of days later. We can also ship fresh chilled semen to you for an additional fee of $300, which will include vials for two

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Bevan (blue fawn; carries cream and tan points)

Meet our stunning blue fawn boy, Bevan (named after our main vet on whose birthday he was born). He is the son of Cruz and Dove and his grandfather is Quigley, whom he favors a great deal. He is not only very handsome, he is also exceptionally sweet and calm. He is also not shy about letting you know just what he wants.

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