French Bulldog Puppy- Things you should know before adopting them   

French Bulldog Puppy- Things you should know before adopting them   

Are you searching for a new fur companion who is small, friendly, playful, and can easily get along with your family? Then your search ends here. A French Bulldog puppy, commonly known as a Frenchie puppy, can be an ideal companion for you. 

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These extremely adorable and relatively low-maintenance dogs require moderate exercise and grooming. Compared to other dogs, they are relatively healthy dogs with few health concerns. It can be an ideal choice for people who wish to have a relaxed lifestyle. 

Keep reading this blog to learn how Frenchie Puppy can be the right fit for your family.

About French Bulldogs 

The French Bulldogs have a very unique and charming personality, and because of this, they are now one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. These cute pets originated in England and then made their way to France. 

In mid-1800, lacemakers from Nottingham, England, traveled to Paris and created smaller versions of the Bulldog. They cross-bred their bulldogs with bull-baiting Bulldogs and got the Frenchies that we have today. Because of their playful, adaptable, and affectionate nature, these pets have been loved by people, everywhere they go.  

French Bulldog puppies are easily recognizable by anyone because of their unique appeal. They are compact in size, with a muscular build and iconic bat-like ears. Their faces are expressive and adorable, along with large, round eyes and a smushed nose. 

Frenchie is extremely intelligent, which is why it is easy to train them. They are fond of playing but also have a relaxed attitude. So you might find them relaxing on the sofa. Sometimes they can be stubborn as well. So you can train them easily if you make it seem like a game. 

Frenchies love to adore their human companions and also wish to get the same in return. Because of their humorous and mischievous personality, they love to socialize and want to live with consistent, firm, and patient people. 

They will bark to alert if there’s someone at the door or if they notice any issue. This is why they are considered an excellent watchdog. 

French Bulldog puppies have a compact size to survive well in apartments or small dwellings. To avoid them being overweight, you can take them for a maximum of 15-minute walks every day. However, these Frenchies enjoy cool, comfortable surroundings, or they might get heat strokes which can be fatal for them. 


French Bulldogs originated in England in mid-1800. At that time, the lacemakers from Nottingham, England, traveled to Paris and created smaller versions of the Bulldog. 

They brought their toy bulldogs and cross-breed them with bull-baiting bulldogs so that they could get the long erect bat ears that these dogs have today. For years, these bulldogs have won many hearts with their playful, adaptable, and affectionate nature.

In France, lacemakers working in small shops often adopted French Bulldogs, as they can easily adapt to cramped living quarters. They were also quite popular among the French upper class because of their gentle nature and are often depicted in paintings and sculptures. 

The French Bulldogs initially thrived in France and Europe and then came to the USA in the late 1800s. Because of their playful and friendly nature, they became great companions in their family. Hence became quickly popular with American families. 

A lot of celebrities also adopted Frenchie, and they were often featured in movies and television shows. The first French Bulldog that was seen in the US was at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1896. 

Brief Information

If you are already a Frenchie parent or looking forward to adopting one, then here are some facts that you should know: 

  • Origin: France
  • Lifespan: About 10-12 years
  • Size: Compact size. typically weighing around 
  • Weight: 16-28 pounds 
  • Coat color: smooth, short coat; available in different colors like brindle, fawn, white, etc. 
  • Temperament: They have an adorable, friendly, and relaxing nature. They love to socialize and often get along with people or other pets. 
  • Training: these are sometimes stubborn. So, training them can be easy if you make it seem like a game. 
  • Exercise: Requires less exercise. You can take them for short walks (usually for 10-15 minutes), or playtime will prevent them from being overweight. 
  • Grooming: they have short coats, so they require minimum grooming. 
  • Health: They can stay healthy and live long with proper care and the right nutrients. 


French Bulldog puppy have a compact size with square-shaped faces, round bodies, and short legs. However, the most adorable quality of them is their long bat ears. They are widely available in different colors, including white, cream, tan, gray, black, brown, blue, multi-color, fawn, brindle, merle, lilac, and combinations of each of these!


Let’s discuss their distinctive personalities, which make them perfect for all age groups and lifestyles. 

  • They are friendly and playful and love to cuddle. They enjoy playing fetch. 
  • They need relatively low maintenance, i.e., moderate exercise and grooming.
  • They socialize well with children and other pets. 
  • They are extremely intelligent and can be easily trained.
  • They adapt well to different living conditions. 
  • They are healthy dogs if taken proper care from the beginning. 

Coat Color

French Bulldog puppies have short, smooth, shiny, and fine coats. They usually have loose and wrinkled skin, especially at the head and shoulders. You can find a variety of colors, including black brindles, red and golden fawns, sables, creams, and rare colors like blue, lilac, etc. You can also find a coat patterned with specks and streaks of light and dark markings. 


French Bulldogs are short because of which they rarely need to groom. You can do occasional brushing to keep their coat healthy. While grooming your Frenchie, whether they are puppies or adults, you need to check their scabs, skin lesions, rough, flaky skin, bare spots, or any signs of infections. You must also check their ears, eyes, and teeth for any discharge or bad smells.

You may need to see the veterinarian if you notice any of these signs. You can easily clean their ears with a damp, warm cloth or baby wet wipes. After you clean their ears, apply mineral or baby oil to massage them. This oil can also be used on a dry nose. 

Perfect Companion for Children And Other Pets 

It is said that no dogs in the household should be left alone with toddlers or kids. However, this is different in the case of French Bulldogs. These are extremely friendly and social and get along with kids and other pet dogs. 

You just need to pay attention to ensure neither is poking or harassing the other.

You should socialize them from childhood so that they can get along well with other dogs and cats. Frenchies have a possessive nature. Hence they may get jealous of other dogs, especially when their owner is paying attention to other dogs. 


The French Bulldog puppy is one of the most intelligent and fun-loving pets. Hence, from young couples to celebrities, everyone wants to pet them. If trained properly, and taken good care of, then this little puppy can be an ideal companion in your household. 
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