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Do you have permanent ID placed on the Frenchies you sell?

All of our Frenchies are micro-chipped, which is a requirement of the AKC for our fully registered males and females. However, we do not as a practice do this for our puppies. We could have your Frenchie puppy micro-chipped, if you request us to do so, when we have your puppy vet checked, and we would add this cost to the contracted cost of your Frenchie. However, we recommend (and it is part of the sales contract) that you take your Frenchie to see your vet within 30 days of receiving him/her in order to insure your Frenchie arrived in good health and to establish a new relationship between you, your Frenchie, and your vet. If you decide you want to have your Frenchie permanently identified through micro-chipping, we recommend that you consider having your vet do it so that the records are local.

Most people do not go to the trouble or expense of having their Frenchie permanently marked, but it can help reduce anxiety if you are concerned about the possible loss of your Frenchie. Unfortunately, this generally does not help in the recovery of stolen dogs since the new “owner” will not request that the prior owner be found. However, if your truly lost Frenchie is found by a responsible person, he or she can take your Frenchie to a vet who will quickly determine that you are the rightful owner.

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