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Do Frenchies drool, snore and make other funny noises?

The answers to these questions are no, yes, and yes.  We love our dogs, but we are not big fans of dog slobber, so it is a good thing these great little dogs do not slobber a lot or we would have a hard time getting too close to them.   That’s not to say that they never have any moisture around their mouth area, but it is not a problem even for the most squeamish among us.



With their gorgeous short snouts (Frenchies are one of the brachycephalic breeds), Frenchies do not breathe as efficiently as dog breeds with longer snouts such as the sporting breeds, especially through their noses, so they breathe through their mouths more than longer snouted breeds. This results in some unusual noises coming from them, some much more so than others, such as noisy breathing or snorting, even when they have not exerted themselves. We personally think these noises are one of the endearing features of Frenchies and are kind of funny and cute and they don’t bother us in the least.

Most Frenchies do snore at least a little (some more than a little), although not nearly as bad as the men in our family. About the only time we ever hear them snoring is when they are asleep on the floor during the day at our feet, and it is only a few of them that snore noticeably, but certainly nothing that is annoying.

If your Frenchie is making excessive noises, it is probably because he/she has over exerted himself/herself and needs to take it easy for a while. If a Frenchie continually makes pronounced airway noises, including coughing, gagging, retching, or vomiting, even when he/she is not over exerted, he/she should be seen by a vet experienced with brachycephalic breeds. It is possible that he/she has excessively narrow nostrils or nostrils with weak flaps which close upon breathing (stenotic nares) &/or an excessively elongated soft palate (both of which are related to brachycephalic airway syndrome), which may require surgery to correct.

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